It’s been awhile.

I’m still here — at the computer for the moment — although I’ve traveled quite a bit since last posting well over a year ago.

This year alone, I’ve covered rallies in Louisiana, Colorado, Tennessee, and New Hampshire for HOG magazine, and have had the opportunity to ride thousands of miles throughout those regions for my stories. Most often, I fly to those places and pick up a rental motorcycle at the local Harley shop through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals. I’d love to be able to ride from home on one of my own motorcycles — a 2008 Ultra Classic Anniversary Edition or a 2006 Road King Classic — but usually I’m up against a tight deadline, so I go the “fly and ride” route instead.

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

To accompany each of my travel feature articles, I generally produce at least one video that can be accessed through HOG’s digital tablet edition. The tablet edition is for HOG members only, but you can also see all the videos on my personal Vimeo page:

In addition, I’ve been responsible for the “Next Ride” feature in each issue of HOG over the last three years, as well as other occasional features and some un-bylined editorial material.

So I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. That, on top of being a world-class procrastinator, has led me to neglect my blog.

Kancamagus Highway, NH

I’m going to try to do better, however. I may not be able to post as often as I’d like, but look for an occasional Instagram photo (check out and follow my page: I have a lot of fun on Instagram manipulating the photos and generally prefer a highly-saturated look, although occasionally I’ll de-saturate the colors just to change things up), or a photo or photo gallery from a HOG rally. With all those rallies, I’ve got plenty of photos.

I just need to work a bit on the procrastination thing.


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