[New Orleans, LA] — Note to Krewe of Rex: I don’t think anyone is likely to confuse the ‘tit Rəx Parade with yours.

Nonetheless, in what may be a classic David vs. Goliath legal donnybrook, last year the mega-krewe threatened to sue the micro-krewe for trademark infringement, leading the smaller, Petit (“’tit,” get it?) Rex krewe to invert the “e” in its name.

The inverted “e” symbol, known as a schwa — despite sounding like something out of Wayne’s World (or was that “schwing?”) — is used in phonetic spellings.

And Saturday’s ‘tit Rəx parade through the Bywater was all about the schwa.

Members pulled shoebox-sized floats with satirical themes, passed out “schwa” (inverted e) stickers, and threw some really tiny throws.

One of the marching bands played “It’s a Small World.”

It was all great fun, a Mardi Gras parade with really small ambitions.

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