Cranberry Fields Forever – Riding Wisconsin’s “Cranberry Trail” (+video)

Think Wisconsin, and the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t cranberries. Beer, perhaps (i.e. “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous”), and for bikers, Harley-Davidson (the Motor Company is located in Milwaukee, as every…

Travelin’ Gringo’s Top Ten US Motorcycle Tours

If you read American Iron’s Motorcycle Bagger magazine, you may have seen my bi-monthly “Touring Topics” column, in which I get to write about, well, basically any damn thing I want to, as long…

Beach Blowout — Florida State HOG Rally 2014

Fall in Florida means never having to say you’re sorry — sorry for living in Florida, that is. Sure, there’s the occasional hurricane, but when it’s 85 degrees and sunny in late October, there’s…

The best damn green chile cheeseburger in America: Sparky’s, in Hatch, New Mexico

[Hatch, NM] — As bikers, we’re constantly on the lookout for memorable roadside dives. Great barbecue, a great bowl of chili, a great cheeseburger — the list goes on and on. “Live to ride, ride…

To the Moon (almost) with “Great American Motorcycle Tours” author Gary McKechnie

In the annals of publicity stunts, this one is pretty good. Gary McKechnie, my friend and colleague in the motojournalism world, and an all-around nice guy, just launched the fifth edition of his best-selling Great…

To GPS or Not to GPS — That is the Question

If you’re a travelin’ motorcyclist like I am, you probably have strong feelings on GPS use.  Either you love ‘em and can’t imagine living without one, or you hate the damn things. I fall strongly…

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