Jacob Laukaitis is a digital nomad. What’s that, you ask? “A person whose work is location independent,” he explains. “Essentially they can work from anywhere as long as they have their computer and a WiFi connection.”

He’s also a motorcyclist and an amazing videographer — just check out his video (above), “8000 km Motorbike Trip Across the Balkans.”

“Prior to this video, I had no experience filming anything, so I spent a few weeks reading online and watching popular travel videos: how they were shot, what was the storyline, where would the camera be placed, and why.” He carries a GoPro Hero4 and small tripod on his solo travels on a dual-sport motorcycle.

“I got into motorcycling when I started traveling around Asia two years ago,” he says. “I’d rent a scooter or a motorbike literally anywhere I’d go, and after motorbiking in beautiful countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Myanmar, and others, I was hooked. Since I spent my summer in Europe I decided to go see the Balkans, since I’d never been there before.”

Jacob co-founded a successful online coupons website called ChameleonJohn.com. Check out his personal website at JacobLaukaitis.com, and you’ll find his social media links there as well. “I’m going to run a very interesting travel give-away where one person will be able to win a free flight ticket to anywhere in the world,” he advises, so stay tuned to his website for upcoming details.

What’s next for Jacob? “I’m currently traveling all around Asia,” he says. “In Japan now, going to go to India for 1 to 2 months in 5 days. Thinking of spending my summer in Europe, maybe the western part, but haven’t decided yet, since there are so many beautiful things to see in the world!”


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