Metairie’s Muffler Man, post Hurricane Isaac

He survived Hurricane Katrina, but Metairie’s Muffler Man didn’t fare as well in Hurricane Isaac.

Metairie’s “Big Man,” as he’s called by Sal Mortillaro, the owner of Clearview Auto Title & Notary, had presided regally in front of the establishment since 1975, weathering many a tropical torrent — including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — and emerging unscathed.

You can see more photos and read a post I wrote about the Big Man during happier times, earlier this year:

But has Isaac proved the Big Man’s undoing? The statue now is lying on the ground, headless and forelorn, with one arm broken off, two days after the storm blew through New Orleans.

I haven’t been able to talk with anyone from the business, so I can’t tell you what happened to the head — hopefully it has been salvaged and can be reattached, Frankenstein-like, soon.

Stand by for updates!

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  1. Mariann

    September 3, 2012

    Poor muffler man… He had lost his head because of that disaster…but there are a lot of victims of the hurricane, but I guess this muffler man has been the biggest…
    Mariann recently posted..A legkorszerűbb fogpótlás módszer

  2. inka

    August 31, 2012

    Finally felled, the Great Man. What a shame, but I’m sure he will be stabdibg up gaian soon in even greater splendor. I read your previous article about him with great pleasure.
    inka recently posted..Bait Al Zubair – a mansion turned museum/Muscat

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