Bike Week, the annual spring gathering for all things motorcycle in Daytona Beach, FL, ran from March 7 through March 16 this year. It’s still going on as I write this, but for me this year, it was a rather quick trip in and out over the first weekend.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bike Week is when I typically meet with my editor at HOG magazine, as well as other editors if they’re around, to plan upcoming travel coverage. This year’s meetings were particularly productive, and I’m looking forward to a busy year ahead with some exciting trips and other surprises, which I’ll announce in a future post when things are finalized.

One of the fun things about Bike Week is meeting riders who come from all over the world. I met one such group, all HOG members, at a Whataburger on the road between Pensacola and Tallahassee, FL. They’d ridden from Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, and Mexico City, Mexico, spending three days on the road coming and going. It wasn’t their first time in the US on their Harleys, they told me; last year they’d ridden all the way to Milwaukee for H-D’s 110th anniversary celebration. Good going, amigos!

I also met a couple who came from Chianti, Italy for the rally, a couple of guys from Sweden, and one from Wales, not to mention a whole bunch of riders from the good old US of A.

Mauricio, Gustavo, Enrique, Denisse, and Pablo all traveled to Daytona from Mexico

Mauricio, Gustavo, Enrique, Denisse, and Pablo all traveled from Mexico to Daytona


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