Think Wisconsin, and the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t cranberries. Beer, perhaps (i.e. “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous”), and for bikers, Harley-Davidson (the Motor Company is located in Milwaukee, as every enthusiast knows).

WI cranberriesBut certainly not cranberries. Most people, myself included (at least before I toured the state’s cranberry country) automatically think “Cape Cod” when they think cranberry. Yes, Cape Cod has a major cranberry industry, but over the last couple of decades, Wisconsin has held the title of world’s largest cranberry producer.

WI cranberriesEarly to mid-October is peak harvest time, and it’s also peak foliage time, so it’s the perfect time to fly into Milwaukee, and rent a Harley (check out House of Harley-Davidson for a great rental selection and friendly service), and plan your cranberry tour.

More info:

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

Wisconsin Travel and Tourism

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  1. Gerald Umland

    November 15, 2014

    Well, this article was certainly very interesting to me. I do know about the beer that made Milwaukee famous and the world famous Harley Davidson MC, but this cranberry harvest thing threw me for a curve. I’m from WI up until age 19 when I joined the Navy, but I have never heard of this. Thank you so much for an informative and fun article regarding something in my home state. WI has many interesting facts, but now living in FL is also nice, especially for riding year round. Great job.

    • Glen Abbott

      November 15, 2014

      Thanks Gerald, glad you enjoyed it. Before traveling to Wisconsin for the cranberry harvest story, I didn’t know anything about that either. I agree about living in Florida, I’m in central FL and it’s nice to be able to ride pretty much year round.

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