Somewhere along US 50, Nevada — Making an Instagram from a DSLR image just seems wrong, but I’ve done it nonetheless.

I couldn’t resist.

After all, Instagram is a smartphone app, so logically, the images you use should be taken with your smartphone. At least I think so. Anything else just isn’t a “pure” Instagram.

But when I discovered I’d accidentally uploaded the above image into my smartphone, I knew it would make a cool Instagram.

And it has.

The original image is from a 2011 trip that I wrote about for HOG magazine, titled “Ghosts of the Open Road: Riding the Loneliest Highways in America.” In addition to HOG, it also ran in Motorcycle Bagger Magazine last year.

I use it for the cover shot on my Travelin’ Gringo facebook page, my Google+ page, and my Twitter.

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s one of my all time favorite road pics.

So, yeah, I broke me own rule against using a DSLR pic for Instagram.

Sue me.

For info on Nevada tourism:

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