Here’s a story I’m sad to report: TAM Communications, the publisher of American Iron, American Iron’s Motorcycle Bagger, and Motorcycle Rides & Culture, has announced it will stop publishing Motorcycle Bagger magazine.

Although I write primarily for Harley-Davidson’s HOG magazine, my relationship with TAM Communications dates back to 2003, and I’ve contributed articles to all of their publications at one time or another. I was also the bi-monthly “Touring Topics” columnist for Motorcycle Bagger.

In his announcement, publisher Buzz Kanter said: “We have studied the motorcycle magazine field. And we’re convinced there is simply no longer enough reader interest or advertisers to support them all.”

He continued: “American Iron Motorcycle Bagger is being folded back into the much larger American Iron Magazine where it started. “This means our team can now put all the best editorial in one magazine,” Kanter explained. “No more spreading it out over two publications – something our readers will appreciate.””

I was in the first issue (March 2011), and will be in the last issue as well (April 2015) with a column and a Daytona Bike Week story. Sorry to see it go.

Here is TAM’s announcement:

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